Privacy Policy

Our website address is:

The main aim of this site is to deliver apt knowledge and details regarding health supplements available in different areas. We compile all the information available about a particular product to make the customers aware of the positive aspects of the product. We also work towards maintaining the secrecy of the data. So that the information available on our website does not get released out of our website. All the pieces of information that are available on our site, are completely secure and are gather for the sake of users only. 

What personal data we collect and why we collect it?

The assembled information helps answer the questions by our valued customers. This information is also availed in the promotion of the website. So that more and more users visit us and avail the health supplements that can make their lives easier and healthier. To promote the knowledge of the customers about our products, we sometimes send E-mails to our registered users also. This gives them information about our new launches and even the offers available. 

We have entirely hooked and secured servers and database that prevents information of our site from going out. We possess a committed and faithful team to keep your info safe and secure from the outer world. Our website also communicates through e-mails and messages when required by the customers who want to avail of information about different products. We can also assure you about the safety and security of the customer details, both online and offline. We take extreme pride to say that the services rendered by our website have been valued and appreciated by our priceless customers. You can visit our website, the fitness supplement, to get more details about the services provided.

How do we collect information from the users

Our team manages and gathers information following ways: –

  1. Registration forms filled up by the customers on our website.
  2. Data provided by the users themselves during chats/messages.
  3. When users give information in e-mails and telephonic conversations.
  4. Information that customers give when they are at the stage of purchasing the product.

*Our website is solely not accountable for the collection of information through a third-party and the use of material from other sites that are directly related to our website.*

How we use the information

  • We provide up-to-the-minute knowledge available about our products and services on our website in both online and offline modes.
  • We inspire our customers to take part in promotional activities and also get prizes from us.
  • To give updated information about any product on our website. So that the valued customers of ours may have the best purchasing experience.
  • Our site also gives info about discounts and offers available.

How our information is secured?

We assure you the safety and security of your details that you are providing us while placing an order. Ours is a tightly secure server that secures the details confidentially without any leakage into the outside world. We are authorized to disclose the details when it right according to law and order.